Downloading your Photo Session

I know I'm not the only one who can be technologically challenged, so if you're like me, this post is for YOU!

You've had your awesome session with me and now you've been waiting patiently for your gallery. Well wait no further! You will get an email like this pictured below! (Of course with your family instead of a bunny though). In the body of the email you will have a quick note from me a long with a download coupon code highlighted in bold. When you scroll to the bottom you will see your gallery password (cause I believe all my clients deserve their privacy!) along with a download pin.

Adding to Cart

Once you are in the gallery you will be able to scroll through to view your images. You will see they are all watermarked but once you download them, the watermark will disappear. At this time you can select your favorites and make a favorites album to help you narrow down your choices. When you are ready. Click on each image and choose "Add to Cart" and select you want them for a "Single digital Image Download"

Checking your Cart

At this time you can also choose to add prints to your cart as well. When you are ready, double check your cart to make sure you have enough of your free images for your session as well as all your selections for prints.

After you proceed to check out, this will be your screen. Click "Enter Coupon Code" and enter the bolded code from your email. If you have a gift card please add that to the apply gift card section underneath the coupon code section.

Make sure you are zeroed out and only paying for your additional downloads or prints that weren't included in your package.

Address Info

Enter your shipping address and email address. Add your payment if you are adding anything more than what your package includes and click place order. You will get a reciept emailed to you and a confirmation page like the image below. Click Finish.

Check your Email

In your email you should get two emails. One will be a digital receipt. The other will be to download your photos. Click "Download Photos"


Click download files and your images will be downloaded right away. Do notice you have 7 DAYS to download your images from your checkout day. They will download as a zip file. Double click to unzip and then all the images should be there.

If you continue to have any problems, please let me know so we can trouble shoot! It has been a pleasure working with you and I hope that we get to work together again soon!